To-morrow We Will Run Faster

The musings of cloudy stream of Unconsciousness.

"Reserving judgments is a matter of infinite hope".

My feelings are tangled headphones

Be anti social and shut me out

I need a relationship just like one with my best guy friend, only with sex.

My soul is hungry and I don’t even know for what.


I devour knowledge and people and experience.

Craving possibility and adventure, I will disrobe and bare my naked soul to a Universe that would drape a heavy, silent, velvet curtain of modesty upon my shameless desires. And the Universe would nourish me with goods, and status, and the false warmth of the Truth.

But I devour.

Each time we speak:
Not the same,
But supplementary.

You are the one who lets me in the least
Sometimes you are hard to be friends with
You’re expectations and reactions I don’t understand
Is anything good enough for you?
Either of you?

Honestly your moody bullshit I am
Just done with
Not engaging is preferable
To pretending I’m on your side


His ex-step dad’s mom used to be my
Mom’s employee and all this dogwood knowledge came back and we talked about the step dad and how awful he was and bonded over the strange, small world we inhabit

Internalizing everyone else’s stress. Anxiety.


As we continue to share, we grow closer. Sharing personal things and discovering we are on eerily similar wavelengths a lot of the time.
It makes me certain that there are many types of soulmates.
We understand each other. Feeling that you are understood is an overwhelming thing. And I don’t think it’s something you can take for granted once you have felt that way. I am so grateful.
Emotionally, I am closer to him than anyone else right now.